Charter Signers and Dedications

Over 500 individuals signed on to follow the Code of Support and added their personal dedications during an early trial period to evaluate public reaction. Those individual signatures and dedications have been preserved here and are considered to be our Charter signatures and dedications. They are presented here for your review and consideration.

The Zabe Family in honor of our son/brother, SPC Justin Pizzo, 10th Mountain Division, Kirkurk, Iraq.
BG Joseph R. “Bob” Barnes,US Army (retired), in honor of my father, COL Joseph P. “Phil” Barnes, US Army (retired), my son, SSG Chris Barnes, US Army veteran, and to all who serve, or have served, and their families.
D.Jay Kight
Lisa Snyder
My father served in the Marine corp, I served in the Navy, my daughter served in the Army, and my youngest son is a United States Marine. I wholeheartedly endorse the “Code of Support”
D. L. Phillips Augusta, KS
Patty Beggs , Williamsport, PA in honor of my father SSGT Retired Howard Barr, Third Army with General Patton WWII-the Rhineland in honor of my husband SFC Retired Thomas Beggs USA in honor of my son SPC Thomas R Beggs 103rd Infantry, Afghanistan.
Michelle L. Padgett, Middleburg, Fl., in honor of my Daughter, PFC Krystle N. Padgett, Army Strong! Train To Save! HOOAH!
With Honor, and in Memory of PFC GUNNAR D. BECKER, Debey Senska Forestburg, SD USA
Sandra Vollmer, Grand Rapids, Michigan, in honor of my son Sgt. Chad Vollmer (KIA 12/23/06) Salman Pak, Iraq. Michigan National Guard (Army).
I Major Elvis D. Bunch, U.S.Army (R) 1stSFOD(D) A CAG hereby endorse the “Code of Support” to all troops of the United States of America being it Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Gurad, Marines including regular, guard, or reserves. This is my honor and right I do so freely.
Jerry Harkreader Blair, Nebraska
Susan M. Koches In Honor of My Son, Sgt. Ryan E. Castle 3rd Infantry Division, 4th Brigade US Army Ft. Stewart, GA Departing in October 2007 for his second deployment to Iraq God Speed and God Bless
Mary Boyd, po box 81, Grand Ledge, mi 48837
God bless each and every soldier
Warren Dedrick 727 Washington St Key West, FL 3040
Donna Winter, Woodbury, Minnesota, for my son SSG Michael Winter, 581st. Medical Batallion serving in Iraq.
Paulette LaVine, San Antonio, TX, in honor of not only my son PFC Michael L LaVine, II but all the men and women who give (and have died as well)of themselves daily so everyone in this country can have their opinions…even if I don’t agree with them…Hollywood. I pray you all a save journey and God be with each and every one of you on your tours. Thank you for your service.
Terry Laidig, Stillwater, MN in honor of my son SPC Adam Mazzara, 2-147th AHB, Operation Iraqi Freedom
TOBY A PIPER LOVESPARK Il 61111 vet usmc 1st infantry divson 1983 -1985
It’s the least I can do for those that serve this great country of ours. Shelly Wilcoxson Pekin, Illinois 61554
i don’t understand people bailing on the operation iraq.??? i will support the troops as long as it takes to bring freedom and security to that region. mlb
Cindy McLean, Minneapolis MN, in honor of my son SPC Chris Zaspel, 10th Mountain, Operation Enduring Freedom and to all our sons and daughters serving in our military! I am PROUD to be a Blue Star Mother!
Cari Mayo, Greenville, SC in loving memory and honor of my grandfather PFC Ansel W Wright, Signal Corps, US Army, WWII
Amen I bleed red, white and blue and I support our troops and thank you for the Code of Support. David Yukon, OK
Christine Alflen
Wendy J Hoffman, Farmington, NM in honor of my son, PFC Dallas Hanson, 82 Airborne, Operation Iraqi Freedom
I laid my life on the line in Vietnam. My son gave his life in the desert of Iraq. Now there are those who would belittle the sacrifice he made. To them I simply say this: “The freedom you enjoy did not come about because of politicians who demean the hardships and conflict our military confronts daily. Neither did it come about because of the efforts of the press who daily depicts our brave men and women as savages with a total disregard for human dignity. None of these “enlightened” reporters have ever seen a close friend killed in combat or watched as they breathed their last breath. Nor have they had their lives ripped apart by the horrors of war, or heard a child cry out in the night, for the mother or father who will never return. Yet these who gave all considered it a pleasure to defend the freedoms that allowed these same people to malign and criticize their decisions in the heat of battle. To the critics let me say this, “Pray to God, not Allah, that you never have to fill the shoes of those who have given all”>
James Bohart (USMC/US Army) Duncan, SC In Honor of Jonathan Bohart currently serving in Iraq with the 10th BN, 566th TC. God Bless them all.
Thank you so much for this privilege to print and sign the certificates. Have printed some to send to the people that I have addresses for. Hazel
I ENDORSE THE “CODE OF SUPPORT” FOR OUR TROOPS! Rev. Lin McGee ***** Rev. Lin McGee 860-379-1298 111 Marshall St. Winsted, CT 06098 PRECIOUS STARS CONNECTICUT BLUE STAR MOTHERS President / Pastor / VAVS / Blue To Gold / Veteran Care Coordinator / Webmaster BLUE STAR MOTHERS OF AMERICA, INC. CT State Blue To Gold Liaison CT State VAVS Liaison SILVER STAR FAMILIES OF AMERICA, INC. CT State Coordinator Proud Mom of CSM JamesPeter Matthews, United States Army Proud Mom of STAFF SGT Daniel Matthews, United States Marines Proud Wife of CPL William David McGee, United States Veteran Viet Nam, Marines Proud Daughter of PO2 James P. Funk, United States Veteran WWII, Navy
Emmit Morehead Wilson NC Army, 1974-1981 I support our military, active duty and veterans as a volunteer through a couple of differant organizations. PGR, GOE, and MAD,
Dale C. Gunn, Hudson, MA, CPT US Army SigC, Vietnam Veteran, 1st Sig Bde, Long Binh, RVN, 1969-1970. In honor of 2LT Edward Joseph Dalton Jr, Concord, MA, KIA 14-Aug-1966 South Vietnam.
For my son, SPC Kinney, US Army, FT Knox, Kentucky SSG G.R.Kinney, US Army(RET),Hughson, Ca
Edward E.Wright PFC U.S.M.C. Elkhart In.
Sharon Staub-Minor Summerfield, FL I dedicate my endorsment 1st to my son, 3rd ID Army Staff SGT Dennis minor, JR then, my Veteran Air Force Dad, Paul L Staub JR, My deceased Uncles Charles Staub and Robert Staub, both were Navy veterans,and All those who have served and are serving.. THANK YOU ALL!!!
“God Bless the Troops!” Jim Clark GySgt USMC (Ret) Mount Vernon, WA
LTC Bob White Semper Fi!
May the Eternal Father keep those in harm’s way safe in his arms. Eugene C. Hutchins 1stSgt USMCRet
“God Bless” all our troops. Semper Fidelis. Cpl. Claire Heaton , Sgt Norman Heaton. USMC 1951-54
Andres Redondo; Junction City, KS; Current Active Army; I want to dedicate this to all of my fellow brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces-past, present and future. Stay the course…fight the good fight. Take care and God bless.
Andrew P. Kazar, CW3 Retired, Army
I stand behind our troops and confront those hypocritical cults from Topeka, Kansas. Donald C. Melella SFC, USA Retired Junction City, Kansas
Bob Miller Richmond, VA DCProtestWarrior. OpSec prevents me from providing a name or rank for my dedication, so I do this for the ones who protect the ones who protect us. SEMPER FIDELIS
Kenneth A. Delfino, United States Navy (ret) Colfax, CA In recognition of: CPL Anthony Weaver, USMC (Iraq) LTC Douglas Mastriano, USA (ISAF-Afghanistan) LT Christopher Cortez, USN (classified) In thanks to: SGT Bob Slaughter, USA (Normandy to V.E.-Day) PFC Leo Simon, USA (Normandy to V.E.-Day SGT Peter C. Horton, USMC, (Vietnam) SFC Paul McKenna, Jr. USA (Bosnia) SGT Rich Olmstead, USMC (Desert Storm) MGEN Christopher Cortez, USMC (Desert Storm) In memory of: EMC Jack La Feber, USN, (WWII Seabee, Pacific) WO4 Phil Jutras, USA (Normandy) ADM Elmo Zumwalt, USN (CNO) RDI Wilbur Cosson, USN (South Vietnam) SN William Dennis, USN (South Vietnam) BM1 James Elliott, USN (South Vietnam) SN David Ouelette, USN (South Vietnam) SFC Allan Johnson, USA (Afghanistan) PO Neil Roberts, USN (Afghanistan)
William E Paquette Tewksbury Ma. Air Force Veteran, Vietnam 23 Feb 1966 – 12 June 1967 3rd Trans Sqdn, heavy equipment operator. I’m so very proud of our men and women that wear the uniform of the USA. Their sacrifice will be their legacy. God bless and keep each and every one of you.
James M. Sigler Veteran, U.S. Army. I would like to dedicate this endorsement to my brother-in-law, 1st Lt Hugh R. McKibbin, US Army, KIA in Vietnam February 2, 1968 and to my father-in-law Capt Hugh R McKibbin (US Navy,Ret) who served from 1933 to 1961 serving in both WWII and the Korean War.
God Bless all our troops Robert F. Coffey 1SG (Ret) Co C 1/169th Inf CTANG US Army/ Vietnam 67-68
Daniel J. Harlan, Colonel, USAR,Retired Weldon Spring, MO> in honor of my father Captain John L Harlan, US Army,WWII. To all veterans past, present and future. May God Bless You for your duty, commitment and sacrifice. Thank you for your service.
Ronald E. Gornto, Colonel (Ret) U.S. Army
James M Ryan Colonel US Air Force (Retired) Viet Nam veteran. Proudly served my country from 1958 until 1983 Dedicate this to all members of the armed services and their families.
SSG Hilberto Rodriguez, US Army RET. Served 20 years active mostly in Korea and Europe. Not only do I support our forces, but all people fighting for freedom from oppression
Monte P. Bawden, CDR, MSC, USNAVY (Ret), Lewistown, MT, in Honor of my Uncle Tom Brown who served in the 9th Armored Division in WWII in the Battle of the Bulge and capture of the Remagen bridge on the Rhine.
John C. Wohlstetter
I am a veteran of the 1/54th mech inf ,bamberg,Germany 1st armored Div .1976/1982,Bco. I want to show my Code of Support to any body fighting for freedom over in iraq and all over the world in different conflicts. Spec John Paul Crossan 1/54th mech inf Bco 1st armored div,Bamberg ,Germany
In honor of our son, SFC Marc Biletski, who is currently in Iraq for his second tour of duty. God Bless all the troops. Geneva & Ed Biletski Bullhead City, AZ
Long live freedom and the American way of life
Marie Colby, Peoria, AZ in honor of my son SSG Shannon Colby, B Co. 224th MI Bn, Iraqu
David Ross Fraley USN 1968-1971 in honor of Robert Quimby USArmy Vietnam and Ross S. Carter deceased author of “Those Devils in Baggy Pants” USArmy WWII and John Traver deceased USArmy Vietnam These men have sacrificed so that we may live in freedom. Never forget what they have given for us.
Alan Russo in support of all soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. And especially in support of my son, Michael, Sp4, 4th ID Fires Brigade in Iraq.
Margaret Schmidt, Newport, WA – In Honor of My Husband Sgt Dennis W. Schmidt, “Big Red One”, Combat Engineer, Viet Nam 1968-1969 — and my Son, Sgt Will H. Schmidt, 846th Transportation Co., Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004.
Jerri K. Jackson, MS2 USN Ret.,Fallon, NV, in honor of my father, ADCS Clyde E. Moore, USN Ret.
yes yes yes I support code of support. S/sgt,Thomas A Chapman 11th airborne div 127th abn Engineering Co
S/sgt.honorable discharged 11/th airborne div 1952 702 center st. Jim Thorpe pa.18229
Skip Cox Nesquehoning, PA U.S. NAVY Viet Nam Dedicate to All Veterans of All Conflicts
Dorothy Condon, Queens Village, NY, in loving memory of my father, Patrick Driscoll, Cpl.,USMC, who served in the Pacific in WWII, who taught us by his life what patriotism is.
Gerald Butkera, served as 1LT in 1/78 FA 2 AD , For my Father Ed, brothers Ed and Gary. Be proud and strong. We forgot about December 7th so we faced 9/11. Those who do not learn from history are forced to repeat it.
SSG Edwin Ramos Iraqi Freedom,Dessert Storm, Kosovo Veteran in honor of SPC Richard P. Orengo KIA in IRAQ June 20,2004 and In honor of the members of the 65th Mil;itary Police Company (ABN) that are protecting MSR Tampa. We love you and have you all in our prayers.
Robert Hanson Waldrup CMSgt, USAF (Retired)
Lorraine Dumas, Aunt
Cpl. Defond Peter G. Rct-7 Co Section S-3 UIC 41505 FPO, Ap96426-1565
Philip R. Cyr Northbridge, MA Army – Viet Nam
W.W. “Bill” Holtfort President, Retired Military Veterans of Weld County Greeley, Colorado Endorsed to MSgt William W. “Bud” Holtfort, Jr Little Rock AFB, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mrs. Patricia Connon in honor of my grandson Cpl Lee D Connon, 2/24 Marines, Iraq. Job-well done!!
SFC Robert Grosinski Sr. WELL DONE
MSG(R) Roy Smith Langhorne, PA For all NJ Guardsmen deployed in support on the War on Terrorism
James F. Obendorfer Potomac, Md. served in U.S. Army
Thanks for all you do. You are all shining examples of service above self. Douglas A. Dribben MAJ (R), US Army
Dick Puckett, Woodbridge, VA in honor of my Brother-in-Law, John Turpenien, SMGT.
I hereby Endorse the “Code of Support” for Our Troops Past, current & future. We have a short list of Warriors in our family that have served in combat in past wars and they are: Lew A. Watson,USN, HENRY Barnhouse USA WWII. myself; Milan B. Lemmon, USA Vietnam 1967-1968.
Ronald Hughes TSgt USAF Retired Altus OK
Mary Bryan, Swisher, Iowa in honor of my brother, John S. Bryan, who served during Viet Nam in the Phillipines as an air traffic controller
Tammy Richardson, Swisher, IA, in honor of my father Charles Hromidko, WWII and all of our brave soldiers who we owe our freedom. Thank you for your service to our Great Country!
I Rocky Kopylec support all of our Service Man & Women of the United States, Being an eleven year member of the National Guard of CT. I can only thank all Guard Members that have been called up to service in this war on terrorism. I would like to Thank my Son who is with the 1 102nd CTARNG that is on their way to Operation Enduring Freedom, This is his second call to active duty in 4 yrs. Thanks to all National Guard Units for accepting these oders to help protect United States. I wish I could go forth with you. My Son SGT. Joel Kopylec CTARNG 1 102nd Infantry Branford, CT. Rocky Kopylec formely with the CTARNG SSGT. 745th.Sig. Tonoaph Az.
Elaine Cummings in honor of my uncles, Bill, Billy, and Anthony (WWII); Ted Cummings, my husband and 28 year career Army officer; and our son, Ted, Jr., presently serving in Iraq
Drake Adams in honor of my father Charles Adams, USMC, my Uncle, “Buck” Adams, USN.
James R. Bauer, San Antonio, TX Major – Air Force Reserve – Retired In honor of my father Capt John Bauer, Navigator, Army Air Corps, WWII
Donald G. Crews USN (Ret) Jacksonville beach Fl.
Emil J Bove, Jr, Seneca Falls, New York, non veteran Emil J Bove M.D. father Kevin E. Bove, M.D., brother Leonard Constantine, Uncle Richard Kafka Fraternity Brother Michael Flanagan close friend Norman Constatine, Uncle Anthony Constantine, Uncle Vincent A. Bove, Son
Daniel P Charlton, Lt Col (Ret) US Army Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Edwin M. Anderson, Jr. Col/USAF/Ret, in honor of my uncle, Sgt. Robert Davis, WW II veterans 9th Armored Div, and his brother Jesse F. Davis, 100th Inf Div, US Army. I also add my son, Col E. West Anderson, USAF, Hq EUCOM.
James E. Barker, Sr., LTC USA Ret. Tuscaloosa AL, In honor of my father, MG John DeF. Barker USAF, Ret., and my father-in-law CWO-4 Charles J. Turner, USAF, Ret. (Both deceased)
James R. Brokenshire, Jr., COL, USA Ret., Middletown, PA
Jimmy Ward San Antonio, TX U.S. Air Force 1969-73
Magaret Stewart Miller – in memory of my husband, Capt. Christopher J. Miller Jr., DOW Vietnam 20 October 1966 and in honor of my son, SFC. Christopher J. Miller III, retired U.S. Army after 21 years active and reserve duty.
Anna Bates, Littleton, CO In honor of my father, Arthur Larsen Beal, USN, W W I
We have the Best military in the world. Let our politicians leave them alone, so they can do the job they are trained to do. I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!!!!!
This is what it means to have a two dollar magnetic yellow “support the troops” ribbon on your car. ‘Support’ is not a passive word; it implies action. Send boxes and letters, pray, do what you can within your own means to support those who fight so we do not have to. Dan Cohen Formerly CPT Cohen, Daniel J., A/4-27 FA/1AD GWOT Expeditionary Medal OIF II
COL (ret) Gregg Petersen, Fort Atkinson, WI in honor of Captain George Dailey, Vietnam
Dan and Tina Klein in honor of our son PFC Xavier Klein, 3rd Infantry Divisoin, Iraq.
Donna M. McAleer in honor of 1LT Laura M. Walker, USMA 2003
Donald Campbell III, El Paso Texas (US Army (RET)), in honor of my father COL Donald Campbell, Medical Corps, WWII and Korea.
Dick S. Oberg (Army) Everett, Washington In honor of the fallen members of the West Point Class of 1958 during the Vietnam Conflict.
Charmagne Border
SSG James F. Parshall, US Army Veteran
I endorse the Code of Support for our troops. I am not a service member or a veteran, just an ordinary American who deeply cares about all my fellow citizens who have undertaken this awesome responsibility of protecting us. I dedicate this to the hundreds of men and women to whom I’ve already sent care packages and letters, as well as every single one to whom I will never be able to send my personal thanks. D. Nakagiri, Hartland, Michigan
QMCS(SW)Jeffrey Wilson, USN, Retired San Diego, CA period of service 1981-2005
Teresa Rubino, Oshkosh Wi, in honor of my son HN Theron J. Gohde, USN, EMF Camp Pendleton, Kuwait. I love you and am so very proud of you my son.
Geneva Biletski, Bullhead City, AZ, in honor of my son, SFC Marc Biletski, 1-23, Stryker Brigade, served in Iraq November 2003 – November 2004.
Dean M. Rabe CW3 (Ret)
Spc 5 Robert (Buster) Neubauer Fort Worth, Texas 168th Combat Engineers (Vietnam 1965-66) I pray for all Vets for their safety and victory on the battlefield and in life. I also encourage my fellow Americans not only to pray for our troops but to also pray for God’s protection to defeat elements of our own government that want us to lose in Iraq.
I am Rear Admiral Eugene Harrison Farrell, USN (Ret). I dedicate my endorsement to LT Nathaniel Bailey, USN, who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and is currently billeted in The Hague as Assistant Naval Attache, and to my nephew, CAPT Monte Bible, USN (MC), currently deployed to the MidEast as Staff Surgeon of the 1st Naval Expeditionary Strike Group.
James E.Parker-Naval Air Service- Wylie, Texas Dallas County in honor of my brother RADM Kenneth G. Haynes USN (retired 1942 to 1978) And my Father Clarence E. Parker CWT (1906 to 1936 deceased). God Bless all who have gone before and have or will follow.
J. R. Bowen – Sugar Land, TX Retired Navy Pilot 1943 – 1959
Theresa Begich, Tustin, CA. In honor of my brother 1st. SGT. Marc Biletski, I-23 STRYKER FORCE. Served in Iraq Nov. 2003-Oct 2004.
Ken Miner, Spanish Springs, Nevada on behalf of David M. Silva, SSG 1-172 Armor Task Force Saber, currently serving in Iraq
Sue Kays Almond, NY To all young men and women that serve so bravely to protect freedom around the world and especially to my son Major William Kays currently serving in Iraq. I stand behind you all and am so proud to be an American.
Eileen K Jensen, Westmont, Il, in honor of my sons, 1st Lt Ryan Brummond USMC and 2nd Lt Tyler Brummond USMC
Pat Vogt, Athens, OH
Wanda Llewellyn, Athens, OH in honor of my father Sgt. Darrel Gorby, US Army, World War II, Europe and Africa
Wanda Llewellyn, Athens, OH, in honor and support of my son Spc. Stephen Llewellyn, 82nd Airborne Div, Afghanistan
Melissa M. White, Guyton, GA, in honor of my husband, Sgt. Michael D. White, Georgia National Guard, and all of the brave men and women currently serving by his side in Iraq.
Adianne Boone
In the name of my father and myself who together served from WWI through Vietnam, I commend those who created this noble code and all who live it. Jesse H. Ruder Jr.
Thomas G. Adcock, Colonel USA Ret.
Cindy Arndt 4094 Regiment Blvd Enola, PA 17025
Axel A. Johnson III BG (Ret) AUS Dedicate this endorsement to Major Phillip DeVries FA, United States Army. Currently serving.
I dedicate this endorsement of the Code of Support to my brother, Stephen Llewellyn, and all of his fellow paratroopers of A/3-4 ADAR, 82ND (ABN) DIV, currently serving in Afghanistan. Carol Sinclair, Ohio
My son is in Iraq at this time and I support our troops and pray for all of them to come home safely. Tara Howell
Angela Thomas, Lawton, OK
Michael J. Gruber, Saint Cloud, MN, in honor of my grandfather Ronald Gruber, 82nd Airborne Division, World War II. My grandfather served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Holland, Belgium and the Netherlands and by the time the war ended he was right outside Berlin watching the Soviets bombard the famed Reichstag. I endorse the Code of Support for our troops.
Larry Leonhardt, King George, VA
LTC James S. Culley (US Army Retired, Grant, AL, In honor of my father, CWO4 Otto Culley (US Army Retired) and my Son-in-Law TSG David Carroll (US Air Force), Currently serving in Korea.
Winfield Scott Wilson PO Box 100154 Arlington, VA 22210-3154
John B. Stone, U.S. Army, Retired; in honor of Captain Darren Rapaport, Ranger, Iran and Afganistan Conflicts.
I dedicate this endorsement of the Code of Support to our grandson, PFC Justin Webster, B Co 369th Batt, 15th Signal Brigade. PFC Webster is a NEW and dedicated soldier. He believes in his country and wants to defend/protect to the best of his abilities. HOOAH! Grandma & Grandpa Deppensmith, Huntsville, Alabama
Rachel L Bixby, Jacksonville, NC, in honor of my husband Sgt Stephen J Bixby, HMLA 269-Airframes, USMC, Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom
Will Kistler Jr., US Army SC Huntsville, AL to my Father, Willard (died April 2001), WWII, Korean and Vietnam vet. 25th Inf, Big Red 1, others..
William C. Billingsley CW3, USA (Ret.) Huntsville, Alabama
God bless the troops.
John Stuppi, Ocean Township, New Jersey This is in honor of every former and current member of the armed forces who has served this great country so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms and privileges that come with being an American.
Peter S.King,Port St.Lucie,Fl.–Vietnam War–MOPH
Congratulations and thanks for the hard work of the Critical Issues Roundtable. The “Code of Support” for OUR Troops puts some genuine meaning into all the bumper stickers we see folks display around the country. I hope my Congressman will be one of the first to sign on to this successful effort, followed by all other Members of Congress. David Vann Fairfax VA USArmy Retired
John (West Point Class of 1972, Corps of Engineers)and Joyce LaSala, Painted Post, New York in honor of our Fathers Rocco LaSala and Harold W. Peterson who served in the Navy, WW II and to all our current friends & family who served or are on active duty now. We salute you all. “God Bless America”!
In honor of my husband, LTC Jerry A. Simonsen, luckily served during peacetime; our son, CPT JJ Simonsen, 4th Inf. Div., Iraq 2003-2004. Our son-in-law, 1LT William Woods, 1st CAV DIV, Iraq 2004-2005. God bless you all!!! Linda Simonsen Lenexa, KS
William Echevarria Alexandria, VA Lt Col, retired, US Army
Nancy and Clark W. Hampton
Glenn Langan
David Collins in Honor of all those who have fought and sacrificed to defend the Constitution of the United States and the rights and liberties of all citizens.
Andrew Montaina, Jr., Pace, FL., veteran, USN, in honor of my father ADRC Andrew J Montaina, USN-Ret; in honor of my grandfather PFC Andrew E Montaina, USA (deceased)and in honor of my nephew AM3 Zach Larson, USN (active)
David B. Brokaw USN Retired Oviedo, Florida
I cannot serve in the military, but can serve my country by supporting its fine military by sending cards, letters, and care packages. May God Bless you ALL! Submitted by Claire Larson, Oviedo,Florida, step-mom of Zach Larson, USN.
God Bless our troops & their families. You are in my prayers daily Fred W Eisele (COL-Ret) PO Box 660591 Chuluota Fl 32766
James L Threet, Newburgh IN USAF Ret CMSGT Good Friend: Presently serving, CMSGT Kim Ayers, 74th ARS 434th ARW Grissom ARB Indiana
Please keep your endorsements coming, and don’t forget to download and send a certificate to the service member(s) of your choice!!!
John B. Stone, U.S. Army, Retired, Florence, OR
Victor A. Ellis,CMSGT USAF (Retired) In honor of my Son,Thomas V. Ellis,CPO USN (Retired} I am very proud of him even if he did go Navy instead of the Air Force !!
Jean Cayer – Springfield, Mo. Dedicated to my Brother- Jerry Widmer- Retired Navy- Chief Petty Officer- Dessert Storm, Operation Iraq Freedom
Edward W Walters, III Arlington, Virginia United States Military Academy ’92 United States Army 1992-1998
David Hartsel, Ashland, Ohio, former USMC, in honor of my son, SPC Sean A. Hartsel, formerly Bravo 2nd, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Operation Iraqi Freedom, currently 391st MP BN, USAR
Steve Woffinden, US Army Retired. Thank you all for serving!
Kimbel (Kim) Redmile, Carpinteria (Santa Barbara) CA USNR; River Patrol Flotilla 5/Riv Div 594; 1969 – 1970
Geoffrey Lea, US Army, 1/5 FA, McLean, VA
Craig A. Shipley, Norcross, GA, in honor of my deceased father, Lt. Col. Benjamin A. Shipley, USAF, a veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.
James A. Carra, USA retired, RVN 68-69, Fairport, NY
Edwin I. Ofgant Jr., Army veteran, supports all of our servicemen and servicewomen.
Robert H. Julian, US Army, Retired, Redondo Beach, CA,in honor of my father MAJ Harry A. Julian, 59th Coast Artillery, Philippines, WWII.
Jeffrey & Susan Lamb Lincoln, Nebraska In Honor of our son LCPL Anthony Lamb USMC serving in Iraq
Ashton M. Haynes, Jr LTC, USA (Ret’d)
John J. Keenan Jr. CW4 Retired US Army Lenexa, KS
Walter M. Patterson, III Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.) U.S. Military Academy, Class of 1958
Charles H. Davis IV, in honor of my father, Charles H. Davis, Pvt Mississippi National Guard, Flight Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force, Lieutenant, United States Army Air Corps, Colonel, United States Air Force, WWII (Italy/Germany), Korean War, Vietnam.
Mike Yocom, Fairfax Stn VA, Colonel (Ret)US Army
J Mahoney, Kensington, CT
Beth and Tom Plymale To my father, USN WWII Arroyo Grande, CA
William B. De Graf Colonel(Ret)
Sue Therrien, Woonsocket, RI thank you to all who serve
Mervin L. Norton LTC. US Army retired Vienna, VA
Ronald D. Walker Lt Col, USAF (RET) 8529 Silverview Drive Lorton, VA 22079
Lori Ballantine in support of my husband Lloyd Ballantine and all the other soldiers training with him and all soldiers presenting in Iraq. My husband is with Company C, 1-172 AR2-28BCT and is leaving for Iraq at the end of June, 2005. I wish them all the best for a safe return home.
Preston W. Roper Jr. Master Sergeant United States Army Retired I would like to thank all the men and women past and present for their unselfish and untiring service to their country.
June Wentworth, Hooksett, NH, in honor and support of my grandson, PV2 Ian Bishop, 3rd Infantry Division, Iraq war.
Cindy Rankin, Mendenhall, MS, in honor of my father Henry P. Rhatigan, Army Air Corps, WWII, POW Also, in honor of my son, SGT Matthew Rankin, posted at Fort Bragg, NC, served with 4ID in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom.
As the parent of a female MP Army officer commissioned in 2004, the mother-in-law of a male Army NCO infantry squad leader recently returned from 13 months in the Sunni triangle, and as the close friend of an Army Major MP presently serving on the streets of Baghdad, I endorse the “Code of Support” for our troops, as should all Americans. Those who have no connection to the military are largely unaware of the magnitude of the sacrifices our troops are called upon to make, which accounts for many acts of disrespect directed toward our military. May their eyes be opened to the truth and may they one day endorse this Code of Support as a result. A. Wagner Herndon, Virginia
SFC Debbi Newton, Thomaston, CT in honor of all Connecticut Army and Air National Guardsmen and all of our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces of this great country. In memory of SGT Felix DelGreco and Spc. Robert Hoyt, Co. C, 1st Bn, 102nd Infantry, CT Army National Guard, who gave theirs lives in defense of freedom in Iraq.
Zandra E. Wollmann, Tulsa, OK, USAF Retired
we have three (3) sons in the marine corps in iraq and i am prior military i hold both of these codes of conduct close to heart Alan Head fayetteville georgia
John M. Jagielski in honor of John “Bauca” Pagel, Capt USMC
SMSgt Rick Caffee (Ret)combat veteran of Viet Nam, Granada, Panama, Desert Storm and Somilia support the ‘Code of Support’ in honor of my sons: Sgt Rex Caffee, 297th MI Bn, Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq and 1st LT Jed Caffee, Ft Leonard Wood, MO. also All troop past and present serving our country.
Joanne Bowen Davis, California
Maxine Bracken, Evans, Colorado 80620 This is for my brother Staff/Sgt. Frank E. Miller who gave his life for our country World War II, USAF. Also my father served, my other brother, my husband, my brother in-law all served in the Army, and now my granddaughter’s ex-husband who is in Special Forces. He might be an ex, but he deserves praise as do ALL who are serving and have served.
Joe Gloria – Cranston Rhode Island SSG David Silva, 1-172 Armor
Shannon D’Aversa- Honoring Husband, Capt. Michael D’Aversa US Army Military Police
Thomas Maddalena U.S. Navy 1974
Steven D. Smith, CAPT(USNR) in honor of my Father, Marion H. Smith USAF and Father-in-Law, Eugene J. Regitz USMC
Honoring my brother serving for the freedom or Iraq SSC. David M. Silva, Coventy, RI Vermont Army National Guard 172nd Armored Regiment of the 86th Brigade Infantry
David M Silva SSG 6595 COC 1 BN 172 Ar 2-28 BCT Bldg 1001 Lee Aveneu Camp Shelby, MS 39407 Dave Please stay Safe. Awaiting your return. Thanks you to you and all the troops for making our nation safe. We Love you. xoxoxoxo, Gil, Heidi, Luke and Mackenzie
James B. Motley Hampton Falls NH Sgt. USAF 1969-1773
Judi Damron Nixon, Margate, Fl, in honor of my son-in-law Captain Michael D’Aversa, U.S. Army Military Police. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS..past, present and future.
Michelle r. Gauvin, Coventry, RI, in honor of SSG David M. Silva, 1-172nd Armor, Task Force Saber, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Michael J. Gruber, Saint Clound, Minnesota, in honor of my father Corporal Jim D. Gruber, 144th Military Police, Vietnam Conflict.
Kathy Dunn White Haven, PA 18661 Also in memory of: My father, Francis O’Callaghan, Sgt., U.S. Army, MP My fiance, Edward J. Mitchell, Private, U.S. Army, Korean War A sincere THANK YOU to all our service men and women who fought or are fighting for our country’s defense and our freedom!
I am a civilian who truly Supports and Honor Our Troops. This Code of Support could not have stated my feelings any better.I have family members who have served and some who are serving now.God Bless Our Troops and just know there is a Military Advocate in West Monroe,La. who fully Supports Our Troops and loves each and everyone of you. Patsy Chambless
Lt. Col David Ball, USAF Retired, Charleston, SC.
Robert Pitcher El Paso, TX
How beautiful this link is and I support our troops 110%. I try to do all I can to get people to reach out and let our troops know we support them…that no matter what their opinions may be of this war, our troops are there, and deserve our never ending support! I’ve been collecting messages for our troops since the war started and it warms my soul to see the support they are given by the American people! The messages I’ve collected are put in a binder and sent off to the USO. The last collection, which included a years worth of messages, filled up a 4 inch binder! I sent that book to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. Since the beginning of the war 6 or 7 books of heart felt messages have been given to our troops, and I’m in the process now of filling up another one. I am a wife of a Vietnam Vet and I will NOT ALLOW the mistakes of Vietnam ever happen again! NOT ON MY SHIFT! Thank You, Bev in St. Louis (PS) I am a pharmacy tech. and work in a Walmart. Upon the entrance of the store I put up a “Wall of Honor” that displays many pictures of local soldiers. Below the “Wall of Honor” is a patriotic table, it is there the book sits, awaiting signatures of support.
L. William Krause Los Alto Hill, CA 1st Lt. U.S. Army, Air Defense Vietnam Conflict
I support this CODE and honor the memory of my mother’s brother, Elmer Nauman, who died at sea during WWII and Robert Eiber, who died in the Republic of Vietnam, defending our CONSTITUTION. May our Nation never forget Freedom is not FREE; it is bought with the BLOOD and SWEAT of veterans, past and present, who served their country with courage and honor, may it always be so!! They have been and will be welcomed by the LORD JESUS in heaven as faithful followers, “for they layed down their lives for a friend!” David W Bourland, USA Vet.
MST3 P H Bogardus IV, Fredericksburg, VA, USCG Active Duty, in honor of my Father, LCol. P H Bogardus III, Desert Storm, and Mother LCol. L M Bogardus
David Clark Hoover , Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Brother to Nam vet with two purple hearts,and Brother to many fire fighters serving now , keep all service men and women in your hearts and thoughts , God bless our land and country
Mike & Susan Kell Andalusia, Alabma I think this Code Of Support is just as important for all Americans as is the Code of Conduct for our troops. They defend and support us, we should support and defend them.Enough said.
Dedicated to the memory of my cousin, PFC Albert Blessing, 101st Airborne, who died at the Battle of the Bulge, WW II — Jim Seltzer, Lebanon, PA
Fully support this…Chuck Kenney, SP5 Vietnam 1968-69 and later, SFC E-7, US Army (Ret)..Boonville, N.C.
The Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees (USDR) officially endorsed the “Code of Support” LTG Billy M. Thomas, US Army, Retired Chairman USDR
Robert L Wood U.S.N. retired Pensacola, Fl. In Honor and memory of those who have served and gone on before.
R. Guy Slater, SSG, USA, Ret (PDRL) Dedicated to the men and women of the US Armed Forces, where ever and when ever they serve. May we continue to honor your duty, as you perform it with honor, and may we never forget your sacrifices.
Katherine Dixon, Linthicum, MD, in honor of all who have served their country, past, present and future.
John H. Suddarth Jr. in honor of my father John H. Suddarth Sr. WW2 veteran
Peter F. Carpenter Atherton, Ca Vietnam Veteran Captain, US Air Force
To all who serve or have served in the Armed forces of the United States may god bless both you and your families. Especially to my son, Major Timothy M Snyder US Army. SFC Walton L Snyder US Army Retired
Edward J. Butkera, Jr, Granger, IN in honor of my father, Corporal Edward Butkera, 1st Cavalry Div., WW2
CUCM(SCW) Peter A. Olson, USNR (ret.) Culbertson, MT
Jiles Farley Waynesville, OH US Army Vietnam 1967 Dedicated to SGT Jonathan Hartman killed in Iraq, 2004.
Jiles Farley
Steven Simmerman – Mishawaka, Indiana I am employed by AM General and very proud of our contribution to our troops. Always remember that todays freedoms were paid for by yesterdays troops.
Keith M. Benham, South Bend, IN, in honor of my former co-workers at Towne Air Freight and new co-workers at AM General who served and defended my liberties.
Kathleen Norris – Mishawaka, IN
Bristol, CT Veterans Council Great idea! It’s about time.
The DeFries Family
CSM (Ret) Anthony V. Savino, U.S. Army,Bristol, CT
Thomas A Conti Col, USAF (Ret)
Colonel (Ret) Michael D. Mahler, Army, in honor of Major Don Holleder and the Black Lions who gave their lives on 17 October 1967 in Vietnam.
Sterling Wayne Wyatt in honor of my father, SMSGT Sterling Harold Wyatt, Retired, U.S. Air Force, for Services 1919 to 1961
Judith O’Leary Salute Our Services Carlsbad, California
Michael Levenberg Mesa, AZ
James A. Lambert, Retired; U.S Air Force
Christine Collins, in honor of my Significant Other LT David Varjian, 1st Battalion, 126th Aviation Regiment, Southwest Asia. A big Thank You to all of the soldiers…past, present and future.
I beleive this Code of Support is a great way to support our troops fighting on foreign soil. Sincerely SFC Rob Guinther United States Army Reserve
John V. Boretsky, formerly CPT, Armor, US Army, Vietnam in honor of my father, Stephen T. Boretsky, Lieutenant Commander, USNR, USS Hazard, Pacific Theater, WWII, my brother Major Steven L. Boretsky, USAF, Vietnam and my son, CPT Peter S. Boretsky, Armor, US Army, Kosovo and Iraq.
Michael W. Luck, ’58
I pray for you to stand strong and proud, and for you to establish and maintain a good Christian witness to those you serve next to and for. Karl Badalian
SFC Carey C. James, USA (RET.) I endorse the “Code of Support” for those men and women that have served, are serving and will someday serve in our great military force. For the dedication and sacrifice that they all give to our great country without hesitation. THANK YOU ALL!
Robert L. Warr U.S. ARMY Griffin, GA
Kathey Truschel, Oceanside CA
I endorse the “Code of Support” in honor of my brother-n- law Specialist Chris Youngblood of the 48th brigade. We pray everyday for his safe return home and for the other family’s who has family or friends that are over seas. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THANK YOU SOLDIERS…. COME HOME SOON!!!
ADJ1 Roger L. Clemons, USN (Ret), Viet Nam era vet, in memory of my father PFC Ernest Becker U S Army, who made the “Ultimate Sacrifice” in WW-II at the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, Jan. 1945 and is interred in Fairmont Cemetery in Denver Co.
I Endorse the “Code of Support” for Our Troops: Shorty Hess USAF 1966-1979 Viet Nam 1968-1969 For my son Greg currently active duty USAF Germany
Colonel Eugene Deatrick, USAF Ret.
I endorse your “Code of Support” in honor of my brother Ronald Meier (U.S. Army, Vietnam) and my father Robert Meier (U.S. Army, WWII: Layte, Luzon, and Japan): Meier at WWII Memorial Registry. Barb Meier Tech Writer, CSCI Volunteer advocate of the SemperComm Foundation: Springfield, VA
Richard D. Killian LTC, IN United States Army Reserve Charlotte, NC
Raymond M. Walsh, Annandale, VA US Army, Retired, Vietnam Veteran
Wallis Williamson Butler – Nashville, Tennessee I endorse the code of support and I do so in honor of my father, the single most patriotic man I know – Gary N. Williamson, Lt.Col. United States Army and continuous defender of our great country.
Colleen Sisk
Garret G. Roosma
Linda O’Meara In honor of West Point Class 1968 and Capt. Brian Madora, USMC
Karl and Barbara Savatiel; Bodega Bay, CA. I am a US Army Artillery VN vet. I would like to specifically remember LT Gary Kadetz, of the 1/8th Artillery. He gave his life for our country in RVN in 1966.
I endorse the ” Code of Support ” for our troops in the name of my grandfather Harold Mansfield a WWII veteran and, also in the name of my father Dennis Lee Brashier who served in the Navy. Justin Brashier Pepperell, Ma
Justine Seeley, Monroe, New York. In honor of my husband, Major John R. Seeley, Jr. – 411th Engineer Brigade-Operation Iraqi Freedom II.
Anna Webb, Stockbridge, GA; Thanks to all of our troops – those serving and those who have served. In honor of my father Ephriam B Wade SR/SGT/US Army – WWI; my spouse, Sgt Arris Webb/USA Ret.-Desert Storm;
We owe more to our soldiers now in history because our country is directly threatened by the terrorists. In previous years, the threats were, generally outside of our borders. Myron F. Curtis Colonel, US Army (Ret)
Darya Smith, Lawrenceville, GA
Colonel(Ret)Graham W. McIntyre,USA,Vietnam. A very succesful achievment in putting together the restated code and the support document.
If we could only get all of Congress to endorse the code and to really mean it. Our troops deserve only the best and the truth. Jim Dalziel
John C. McDugald Germantown, Maryland
Pamela Wheeler – in honor of my husband Spc. Michael Wheeler, 48th Brigade serving in Operation Iraq Freedom.
Sharon Sinklair Women’s Army Corps Veteran Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 921 President 2005-2006
Gerald McDevitt, 458th. Trans. Co. (PBR) River Patrol, Vietnam 70-71. I endorse the “CODE OF SUPPORT” in honor of my son, SRA Brian McDevitt, 177th Fighter Wing, Pomona, NJ, and for all the men and women who have answered the call to duty.
Glenn Nichols, MCPO USN (Ret) Fayetteville, GA Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Georgia Chapter 3 Dedicated to the Vietnam POW/MIAs and WWI, WWII, Korea, Gulf War POW/MIAs that were left behind and never came home. Especially dedicated to our troops currently fighting in Iraq and Afghaniatan.
James J. Keller,Captain,TC,US Army,Vietnam,1966-67; Commander,US Coast Guard,Ret,1986. Savannah,GA.
Thomas F. O’Connor, Jr. Past Department Commander State of Missouri AMVETS 1974/1975 Life Member of AMVETS
Michelle D Smith, in honor of my husband SSG John L Smith Jr, 1-121 IN (M)
Rita Rogers, Burke, VA Support and thanks to the troops of today and to those before them, including family members: COL (Ret) William R. Rogers, US Army Signal Corps, Viet Nam CPL David M. Rogers, 25th Inf. Div., Korea, Bronze Star and Silver Star LT Charles Vogel, Army Air Corps “Jungle Air Force”, WWII CBM Donald Rogers, USN, WWII CPL/TECH SGT Robert Swanson, US Army Signal Corps, 95th Division, WWII PFC Joseph Dixon, Jr., 77th Division, WWI PVT Anthony Krokowski, 77th Division, WWI. Our gratitude to all!
Lee Anne Maxim and my husband Craig Maxim endorse the Code of Support, on behalf of my brother Spc. Jason M. Warren of the National Guard 48th Brigade who is now deployed to Iraq. Also on behalf of my father, Sgt. Robert L. Warren of 40th Signal Batallion 1st Signal Brigade who served in Vietnam. We are very proud of these two men and all who serve faithfully in the armed forces. May God Bless all those who sacrifice so much to preserve our freedom.
Mary Sokolowski, Suwanee, Georgia, in honor of my sons CPT David Sokolowski, now serving in Iraq and SGT Stephen Sokolowski, now serving in Afghanistan
Thomas Boltik, MSgt, USAF (Ret.) Sparta, WI
Rebecca L. Holland Eastman, Georgia Dedicated to the servicemen and women of the National Guard 48th Brigade unit from Georgia, in particular Michael Quinones, Terry and Shawn Monk, as they are in Iraq.
I Endorse the “Code of Support” in honor of my husband, CPL Christopher Elderkin, 119th MP CO, RI National Guard, proudly served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2/12/03 – 4/10/04. God Bless our Troops!! Leslie Elderkin, Pawtucket, RI
Carol Fish, Acushnet MA in honor of my husband SSGT Bradford J. Fish, Army National Guard, Operation Noble Eagle; my son SGT Shawn S. Goldstein, USMC, Operation Iraqi Freedom; and my son PFC Brandon A. Fish, USMC.
Chrisse Marie. Lynn, MA, in honor and out of great love for SPC Chris N, 42nd Infantry, OIF3.
John H. Craigie Los Angeles, CA
I endorse the “Code of Support” in Honor of my father, Dexter Harrison, who served in the Navy during Vietnam( I love you Daddy, and I am very proud of you.), and in Honor of my Fiancee, Greg Sullivan, who is currently serving and currently deployed! Baby, I love you so very much, and I am so proud of who you are and what you are doing. Please be safe, do your duty and come home to me. I will be waiting with my arms wide open! Brooke Harrison, Snellville
Edmund F Martin, San Antonio, TX SGM Retired, in honor of my wife, CW4 Candis Martin, and my son LT Thomas Martin, both still serving on active duty.
Fred R. Rothaermel, former Sgt., USMC, Vietnam Vet 1967-1969……. for my son, LCDR Ken Rothaermel, who has flown over the zones in current combat status, and all the other men and women who have served and are serving our great nation.
Dirk Beveridge Barrington, IL
To our dauther DT1 Chris Parrott and our son Lt. Col Paul A. Zavislak Jr. for their unselfish duty in the protection of our country and way of life. Mr. and Mrs Paul A. (Smsgt USAF(ret))and Eileen Zavislak
BU2 John M. Curley USN vet. Cynthia A. Curley
George & Ruth Rathbun North Stonington, Ct.
Mark A. Salverson, Madison, AL, Veteran USAF, USAFR and MNANG. DA Civilian. Work every day to make sure the Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard aviators stay out of harms way and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you all for the long hours, hard work, and devotion to duty in spite of the location, distractions (mortars, RPGs, etc) and environment. I pray you all come home soon, safe and sound.
Harold L. Burleson, CSM (Ret), USA MP Corps, Spouse (Brigitte) Hometown: St Robert, Missouri I dedicate this endorsement to our family members who have faithfully served and currently serving in our Armed Forces, especially our two daughters and son-in-law, MAJ David and CPT Miriam McConnell, US Army AG Corps, and 2dLT Maresa Burleson, US Air Force Intelligence Group. “May God shine his face upon you and give you peace!”
Ron deCento, CMSgt(Ret) USAF Denison, Texas
Vincent T. Crosby, Schertz, Texas, Sergeant Major, United States Army (Retired). I think the development of this Code of Support is an excellent idea. It provides substance so that the fervent expression of “We Support Our Troops” doesn’t become a hollow cliche.
Donald K. Bump, Charlotte, NC, USAF 1962-1966, in honor of those brave young people yet to serve.
Douglass A. Sedgwick, Orlando, Florida
Ben Van Norman Tampa, Florida Col, USMCR (Retired) In honor of my daughter, Jessica Foley, now serving as a Marine First Lieutenant at MCAS Cherry Point, NC
E. Lee Webster, Wausau, WI Barbara M. Webster, Wausau, WI
Jennifer Corbitt Decatur, TN In honor of my Brothers Jim and Paul Johnson, US Army Frank and Kenneth Johnson, US Air Force
Jennifer Corbitt Decatur, TN in honor of my son LCpl Brandon Corbitt,USMC, 4th CEB Operation Iraqi Freedom
To my Father Joseph A. White, Jr, Tuskeegee Airman, interred in Arlington Cemetery. With love and respect, Joseph A. White III
LTC James M.Murphy, Jr. USA Ret in honor of Cpt. Patrick Brunner, 7th Trans Gp. Cpt. Catherine Brunner, III Corps Support Command PFC Craig Murphy, 2nd Inf. Div.
Jon Gleason, USMA 97, OIF veteran. In memory of CPTs Eric Paliwoda, Matt August, Brian Faunce and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.
Sandy,Jacob and Rachel McDonald, in honor of our husband and dad, MAJ Mark McDonald, Army National Guard, now serving in Afghanistan. We supported this “code” before it was a code! Thank you to ALL who have and do serve. Baileyton, Alabama
Gail Hughes-Bish, Englewood, New Jersey— In honor of my father,Samuel Hughes Jr., who served in the Korean War, my brother, Samuel Hughes III, who graduated from West Point and served in Germany, my cousin, James Smith, who served in the Vietnam War, my nephew, Sgt. Joseph Hunter who is presently serving in Iraq, and my husband, John Bish who served in Korea, I pray for safe return of all our troops. God bless us all!
Thomas J. Kovach, Burr Ridge, IL; USMA Class of 1965, US Army veteran, Vietnam War; dedicated to my nephew CPT Benjamin W. Knipscher, US Army Special Forces, Iraq War.
Dedicated to Maj. Mark H. McDonald, now serving in Afghanistan & Dwayne Pinson serving in Iraq. Marvin & Dorothy Beasley Arab, Alabama
Tina Bridgewater, Orange, CA in honor of all troops past and present who fight so as Americans we enjoy our way of life. God Bless and watch over our troops.
In honor of my father, Dr. Ahlvin Anderson Hartley, who served proudly in the Pacific Theater aboard the U.S.S. BOWIE as a Signalman; I, Chet A Hartley, CDR, USCG Retired, endorse the Code of Support for out Troops. God Bless all of service men and women and God Bless America.
Jeffrey Bray, Norman, OK
Bo Friesen
Dave Odegard Alexandria, VA, Retired Army, in honor all of America’s Disabled Veterans.
Kenneth E. Shedd, Huntsville, AL, U.S. Army Retired, in honor of my son LCPL Richard E. Shedd, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, II MEF OIF. In honor of my son Staff Sergeant Noah A. Shedd, 95th Recon. Squadron, USAF, OIF.
Timothy O’Connor, USMA ’98, OIF Veteran, strongly endorse the code of support and would like to dedicate my support to, Chris Seifert, a friend and brother in the Bastogne Brigade who lost his life at Camp Pennsylvania’s grenade attack.
Ronald Powers Veteran USMC
Donald W. Conner, Tampa, FL, Sgt.USMC, Korean Vet. In honor of my Great Uncle John T. McGinty, Chief Torpedoman USN, Submarine Service, Atlantic Fleet World WarI and Aerial Torpedo Squadrons, Pacific Fleet World WarII.
Loretta Burnsed, Ponte Vedra, FL, 3rd Infantry Division, in honor of my father Cosmo Anthony Cappelletti, WWII.
Ben Youmans, VN 68-69 & 69-70. I endorse the Code of Support for all former and present members of the 35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti). Also for all former and present members of the US Military.
Michael Robertson, Huntsville, Alabama I fully endorse this Code of Support. I recognize the dangers service members face and the sacrifices they make. I pledge to support them to the best of my ability.
Brian W. Blanchfield, CAPT, USN Retired
SGM Jimmie D. Mains, US Army (Ret). Served with US Navy Amphibious Forces during WW II – Asiatic Pacific area of operations. Joined the US Army in 1947 and retired from military service in 1966. Joined US Civil Service with US Department of Agriculture in 1967, transferred to US Department of the Army in 1981 and retired from that service in 1989.
Gary N. Williamson (LTC Retired), US ARMY. Please dedicate my endorsement to Forrest Williamson Jr., Seaman first class, Work War II, Pacific Campaign, Service on the Bon Hom Richard. (Deceased)
Michael J. Faber Vienna, Virginia Honorary Member, West Point Class of 1959 In Honor of: Captain Humbert R. “Rocky” Versace, US Army Medal of Honor Recipient Vietnam War
Debbie Daniel, Leesburg, VA
Colonel Joe C. Henderson, USAF-Ret, Sherman, Texas Dedicated to all those Viet-Nam troops who didn’t come back.
Bill Crans, USMA 1996 Hometown: Johnstown, PA Veteran – US Army
Don Johnson (Army Veteran) Baton Rouge, LA
Stephanie L. Pickup, Fairhaven, Massachusetts…Thank you to our nation’s military families.
Bruce Halm MSgt, USMC (Ret) Fully support this initiative. Outstanding!
Bryan T. Purdom, Bristol, TN, CPT IN, C/3-15 IN/2nd Bde/3rd IN Div(Mech)
COL (Ret.) Stanley D. Cass (USA), Ault, Colorado
Gregory M Olson, Colorado Springs, Co, in honor of my roommate at USMA, Capt Gerard V. Palma, who was KIA in the Vietnam War.
“Recruit Benjamin J. Dyson Westminster MD, USMC. In honor of my father LCDR, USCG.” Thank your dad for all your guidence and support through out the years and sacrifice you made not only for our country but also for me and my sister. You are a great man and I wish I could be half the man you are. With love. “DICE”
Jack Conner, LCDR, USN (Ret) Winston-Salem, NC In honor of two serving Marines from my family and all my former shipmates
Amen and God Bless America. Deborah Somers-Larney, USMA ’91
My support is dedicated to Infantry NCOs who are required to lead with the thoughtfulness of an officer while fighting with the grit of an enlisted soldier. Mike Graham former Infantry Lieutenant USMA 1992
Robert A. Cenci USMA Class of ’67 Old Greenwich, Connecticut
Joseph A. White III, son of Joseph A. Whit, Jr.(Tuskeegee Airman, interred atArlington Cemetery)
Raymond S. Andrews, Jr., West Hartford CT (Veteran, US Army), in honor of my uncle, Joseph A. Viens, US Army, WWII, and my nephew, Thomas M. Cullen, Jr, currently CPT, US Coast Guard.
Jim and Pat Madora Montclair Virginia
Elizabeth S. Cooper–Wilson, NY
Sherry A. Lichtenberger North Liberty, IN
CPT John F Roller, Jr, Tampa, FL US Army, 25th Infantry Division. Vietnam 1966 & 1969.
Tony Bauer, Alexandria, Virginia, Veteran – US Army
Robert R. Kiser Leavenworth, KS In honor of my good friend CW3 Eric Smith, 3 ID Iraq
Michael J. Howell, 1SG(ret) US Army – 1967 – 1987 – “Still serving proudly” through the support that I can muster for the youth of today who are carrying on the great American tradition of freedom.
Johanna Soli, Arlington, VA, in honor of my husband Robert Soli, Air Force veteran
Michael C. Nason, USMA 1990, CPT, USA, 1990-1998.
Russell A. Metzler, Alexandria, VA, Veteran, US Army
William C. Pollock Jr., MAJ (Ret) U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran, Colorado Springs, CO, in honor of my father, COL Willima C. Pollock, US Army Medical Corps, a veteran of WWI and WWII.
Sarah Lonsdorf Wausau, Wisconsin
Dennis Snodgrass, Lawrence, KS in honor of my brother COL David Snodgrass, Iraq veteran, my nepehew Douglas Snodgrass, West Point Cadet, my freinds Eric Pence and Lars Wycoff, US Special Forces Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom, Ric Burke USMC Vietnam Veteran, LT Shannon Farrell USAF, Capt. Pat Fagan USN RET., Capt. George Schaeffer USN Ret. and Everett Buhler US Army Air Corp WWII.
Larry Noell, US Army (Retired)
Good words that should give direction to actions that demonstrate the support and fidelity of a grateful nation.
Frederick W Tonsing COL USAR USMA 76
SSG (Ret)William G. Thornton, San Antonio, TX, Desert Storm, 3rd AD; Desert Thunder,3rd Inf. Div.
Webster F Stickney, Jr. Temple, TX in honor of my son Nathaniel Stickney a cadet at West Point.
Frederick Lee Finch Lieutenant Colonel, Retired US Army
Lansing Hewitt Annandale, Virginia- Veteran 1965-1989.
Lloyd C. Ray, Jr – Nashville, TN – Army
Walter J. Wells, Jr., Tampa, Florida. Viet Nam veteran, US Army.
Steven F Gratzer, Charlotte, NC U.S. Army Veteran
Richard T Givone Susan A Givone Nazareth, PA 18064
I subscribe to and strongly endorse the “Code of Support.” Carlos R. Velez, Jr. Lieutenant Colonel, U.S Army (Retired) Stafford, Virginia in honor of my father: Carlos R. Velez, Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army (Retired), and my father-in-law (deceased): Rufino Rodriguez Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army
James (Rusty) Carson III, Charlotte, NC (USMA ’93) in honor of all the men and women who have given selfless servce to our freedom and the pursuit of freedom across the world.
I do endorse this code in honor of my son, currently serving in IRAQ Lcpl. Nathan Edwards 3/8 Kilo Company 4th Plt Unit 73280 Richard Edwards Atoka, Tn.
Sam Gates, Short Hills, NJ, in honor of my West Point classmate Raymond Celeste, Major, killed in Vietnam, 1963, the first of my classmates to die in that conflict.
Peyton M. Magruder, LCDR, USN (Ret.)
Dave Bodde, Pendleton, South Carolina
God bless the fine men and women of our armed forces for their commitment to our freedom and security. James H. McEliece, COL (Ret), US Army
Todd Justman, USMA ’93, dedicated to LTC (Ret) Robert Ambrose, USAF; Veteran, World War II (Infantry), Korean War pilot.
James C. Ferguson, III LTC(Ret), in honor if my father COL (Ret) James C. Ferguson, JR (deceased).
Marianne Knudson, Wausau, WI, in honor of my husband LTC (Ret) Richard A. Knudson, USMA’65, Vietnam War ’66-’68 and 25 years of dedicated active duty service.
Paul A. Petzrick Jr., Major, US Army Retired, Fairfax, VA, in honor of my son, LCPL Paul L. Petzrick USMC, Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Nancy J Taft, Waterbury CT, in honor of my father Thomas E. Cartledge US Army WWII, and my Brother Lt.Col.Thomas E. Cartledge Jr. US Army(USMA 1986)
Walt Horstman Matthews, NC Prior service US Army – Field Artillery
LTG (USA, Retired) John M. and Karen H. Pickler in support of our son, CPT Jeffrey W. Pickler, Fire Support Officer, B Company, 2d Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment, who has served in the Middle East and elsewhere to secure, protect, and perpetuate the kind of freedom that we cherish in the United States.
Jack C Turner,CPT,US Army
LTC(R) Thomas A Cindric
In honor of all who have served, are serving or will serve the United States of America. L.E. Kleinmaier, Jr., USArmy (ret) Indianapolis IN
Richard A. Knudson LTC(Ret), USA USMA 1965 Wausau, WI
Gregory P. and Jennifer J. Rowe, LaGrange, KY, in memory of George W. Brazier, Jr., veteran of WWII and the Korean War. God bless the faithful who serve.
Matthew M Reyes Statesville, NC USMA ’89 Veteran of Desert Shield/Storm Dedicated to 1LT Bridget Byrnes currently serving in Iraq
MMC/SS Kevin Lee LaPlant (USN Retired) Hometown: Nunda, New York. I served with great pride and honor in the United States Navy. 9-11 was a great tragedy, and I lost a very good friend in the Pentagon. To Cdr William Howard Donovan… God Bless, Fair Winds, and Following Seas… Take care, my friend….. To Billy’s family: My wife Robin and I are truly very sorry for your loss, and wish you all the love and support we can possibly offer. Billy… Thank you, sir, for all you have given…..
MG Richard E. Coleman, USAR (Ret) 4307 Woodside Drive Vicksburg, MS 39180
A. Edward Knauf, Fairfield, CT; USMA ’65; US Air Force
Alan Thornton Charlotte, NC Captain, 1984-1990 US Army
Jeff Daws, Huntersville, NC Former Army Officer
Emil Menk
Brent Royall, Charlotte, NC
Jerry Fogel, Leawood, Kansas USMA x59, USAR/NYARNG 1959-1968
Vernon D. Shirley, Captain, USN, Retired
Norman Dickason. U.S. Army 1950-53. In honor of my brother 1st Lt. Larry H. Dickason U.S, Army Air Force 464th Bomb Group, 779th Sq. Missing in Action 11/29/1945.
Billy L. Thompson, Peoria, Arizona in honor of my father, Phan Rang Air base, Republic of South Vietnam. My hero
Having served four years with the US Navy and attached to the US Marine Corps as a Hospital Corpsman I cannot praise our fighting men enough. For all the past,present and future men in our military, I salute and support you. “Semper Fi” G. Kenny
Elizabeth Lambert, Leominster, MA in honor of CPT Michael Neary, 82nd Airborne Division, US Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Lauri Bouma Colorado Springs, CO
Far too often in America’s history she has sent military forces into combat without the full measure of support they deserve. Never again. John C. Wohlstetter Washington, DC
Sue DeRosa Hanoer, Ma
Kristine E. Swift, Brandon, FL, in honor of my husband, LCDR Steven A. Swift, Central Command, MacDill AFB and to my father Ret. SMSGT Joseph R. Martinez
Tricia Johnson Lanigan, in honor of my husband, US Army Major Kevin Lanigan who has served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and is now off to Iraq and in honor of John P. Lanigan (deceased) who served with the US Marine Corp. Also in honor of our two daughters, Kat and Clare Lanigan, who “serve” everyday when their father is absent from their lives…
Lt General C E McKnight, Jr USA(Ret), McLean, VA
Frank, Michelle & Lauren Anthony Jr. In Honor of all out friends & relative that served our Country. Franklin, MA.
Dan Kuenzel former officer ARNG
Robert W. Pitulej, Reston, VA, former Army Infantry Officer – keep up the great work!
Lucinda L. Zech, New Braunfels, TX in honor of my father, William J. Stockman, who is now deceased but served in the Air Force. Also in honor of my step-father, William R. Beck, who served in the Navy as a Navy pilot in the Korean War. Also in honor of my brother, LTC Lowell J. Stockman, who recently retired as an Air Force pilot.
Without a doubt, one of the more meaningful ten minutes of my day. Thanks for taking the time to give back a small measure of what we owe our men and women who go in harm’s way, every day of their lives. Best regards, David E. Rogers USMA ’74
Steven Kramer, Alexandria, VA, in honor of my Father-in-law, William Ellis, MSgt USAF (Ret); 8th Army Air Corps, WWII.
William K Bradford Philomont, VA Veteran, U.S. Army
Thank you for putting into words the way I feel. Rebecca L. Guarino, Niagara Falls, NY
May the Lord continue to look upon our troop’s and their loved one’s. Thank you for your commitment and courage to serve your country with honor,dignity and pride. Oliver Rowen
Col(Ret.) Lawrence H. Putnam, McLean, VA 22101
Willie A. Castile Sr. Dumfries, VA (US Army RET) Dedicated to all service members!
Samuel J. Hughes III, USMA Class of 1974, U.S. Army, Captain (1974 – 1980) Home Town: Paterson, New Jersey Current Residence: Annandale, Virginia
Michael J. Boyle Gaithersburg Maryland Vietnam Vet–F-4 Pilot
I dedicate my endorsement of the Code of Support to my brave son, William Grady Jordan, III, USMC.
Denise Osborn, Springfield, VA, in honor of my father, SFC Arley L. Price, who died of health issues related to his 2 tours of duty to Viet Nam. God Bless our Troops!
David P. Perry, Colorado Springs, CO., retired veteran of the US Air Force (22.5 years) in honor of my Christian brother SFC Jeff Hubbard, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson, CO., Operation Iraqi Freedom. My brother was severly injured by a road side bomb on 3 May 05. He received 3nd degree burns on 40% of his body. He is now in Ft Sam Houston Hospital in San Antonio, TX, on a respirator and under deep sedation while the skin grafts made to repair the burns, heal. Please pray for him. He has not made the “ultimate sacrifice”, but the one he made is great. He did it in defense of our country and way of life.
Dianne Falk, Haymarket, VA
Robert A. Nargi Jr. Veteran, 13 years USN
Charles M. Moss, Alexandria, VA, CAPT, USN (ret)in honor of my father SGT W. G. Moss, USMC 3rd Division, WWII.
Jeff Shoemaker, MSgt (Ret), USAF, Washington DC metro area. I dedicate this endorsement to all past, present, and future guardians of this nation’s freedom.
Maureen Gillespie-McEvoy, Brooklyn, NY in honor of my father RET MAJ GEorge E. Gillespie, US Air Force, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam.
Glenn Yeaw USMA 87
Robert M. Gants, USMA Class of 1961 Infantry
CPT Robustino “Tino” Rodriguez, US Air Force, Pilot Active Duty, Barksdale La Operation Iraq Freedom Brad Huebinger, US Air Force, Active Duty Pilot. Stationed in England Operation Iraq Freedom
In honor of our military personnel – current and past, for they are responsible for maintaining our freedom and the rights we enjoy as Americans. Dean Garrison, LTC (RET) USA
Gustave Hill Murby, USMA 1975
Jeannine Hilliard, St Petersburg,FL, Veteran of the US Army and also in honor of my son, SSG Brian A Hilliard stationed at Schofield Barracks, HI recently returned from Afghanistan
W. Scott Park, Preston, CT, in honor of Melvin Park, Pvt., Revolutionary War, and all those in between.
Nancy B. Jones, in honor of my late father, Robert J. Brown, Jr. of Hamilton, Ohio
Joseph A Dalfonzo Lt Col (USA Ret) Springfield, Virginia
Craig C. McFarland Fernandina Beach, FL in honor of my father Henry J. McFarland Jr 173rd Airborne Brigade Vietnam War
Adrian Stewart, Hanover, MD Veteran SGT, US Army
Charles Larry Gordon Colonel, U. S. Army (Ret.) Fairfax Station, Virginia
In honor of my father (USMA ’62) and all those that have served, are serving and those that aspire to serve. Thank you and may God continue to protect and Bless you and your families! L. Bannister – FL
Lyle J. Kellman Herndon, VA Veteran U.S. Army
COL Thomas Hook, USMA Class of 1978, Chief, Future Operations Div, NGB, in honor of all those engaged in the Global War on Terrorism both at home and abroad.
Darren M. Rebelez San Diego, CA USMA ’88 2/5 CAV, 1 CAV DIV Desert Shield/Storm
COL Dell H. Nunaley III 80th Division (Institutional Training) Purcellville, Virginia To the men and women of the 80th Division, who will soon be in the sandbox training Iraqi soldiers, God be with you.
Tim Shin
Brian C. Johnson
Steve Bull (Retired Air Force) in honor of my father, Stephen, and his two brothers, Marshall and Douglas, who served in the Army Air Corps, Army and Navy respectively in World War II.
Beverly M. Wenzel,Foley, Alabama, in honor of my son Captain John A. Wenzel 101st Airborne Air Assault, Operation Iraqi Freedom
I endorse the “Code of Support” for our Troops, and salute all those who serve, have served, and will serve in the future. In honor of my father who was a WWII veteran, in honor of my father-in-law who is a WWII veteran, in honor of my maternal grandfather who was a WWI veteran, in honor of my son who is presently serving in the United States Army, and for all my relatives who have given years of service stretching all the way back to the American Revolution, I dedicate this Code of Support and all that it stands for in our United States of America. God Bless the USA. Beverly M. Wenzel
VIRGINIA SAMRA Lexington, Mass. in honor of my cousin retired Colonel Christopher Tragakis, Army, Springfield, Va. God Bless you and keep you.
May God bless our troops who have served, are serving and will serve. Patrick J. Gallagher, USMA ’75, Alexandria VA, in honor of my father, Robert L. Gallagher, US Navy, WWII; my brother, Kevin J. Gallagher, Captain USN, Desert Storm, and my cousin, Timothy Coderre, US Army, Iraqi Freedom.
LTC (Retired) John P. Misura in honor of those who have served.
Colonel Herbert Y. Schandler, Infantry, U.S. Army (Ret), Class of 1952, U.S. Military Academy; participated in Korean and Vietnam wars.
Robert L. Hull, COL, USA (ret) Annandale, VA
Matt Stafford, Alexandria, VA (USA – Veteran – OEF IV), in honor of TF 2-87 and the sacrifices they gave and continue to give in defense of our nation.
Robert L. Russell, LCol. (ret), USAF, Falls Church, VA, in honor of my father, Col. Richard E. Russell, Ordnance Dept. WWII.
Rob Craig Sterling, Virginia
Jonathan H. Doyle CPT, US Army Fort Belvoir, VA
Colonel David M. Annen
Champlin F. Buck, LTC Ret, McLean, VA.
CSM Peter McKay(Retired) in honor of my brother Louis McKay, 1st Cavalry Division, Korean War.
Bob Magruder, Colonel (US Army, retired) Reston, VA
Bob Hernandez, Springfield, VA, US Army Retired, ’78 (US Army 1978 – 1999), I endorse the Code of Support in recognition of my brother Phil “Chico” Hernandez, US Army, USMA ’67, Vietmam Veteran; and in memory of my father, LtCol Mario M. Hernandez, Tampa, Fl.: US Army Air Corp, WWII (Burma Airlift/”The Hump”); US Air Force, Berlin Airlift, SAC, Spain, Panama, Korea; Retired 1971, Springfield, VA.
Tom McKay, Springfield, Virginia, Army of the U.S. In honor of all those who are serving and have served in years past, like my father CSM (Retired) Pete McKay and myself. God bless us all.
Lawrence F. Skibbie, Lt Gen, U.S.Army (Retd)
Richard S. Beahm, Alexandria, VA (LTC USA Retired) in honor of my Dad MAJ Carroll R. Beahm, JR WWII & Korea
Jeffrey H. Smith, USMA 1966 My wife Claudia joins me in remembering my classmates who paid the ultimate sacrifice and in honoring all those who serve or have served.
Peter C. Anderson U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired) Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm Springfield, VA
Gregory M. Babitz Fairfax, Virginia
Robert B. McConnell, Colonel, USAF (Ret), Alexandria, VA
BGen. Arthur P. Hanket USA Ret. 1500 Highwood Drive McLean, VA 22101
Dave Navratil, Germantown, MD Army, 8.5 years in honor of my grandfather, MAJ Robert S.H. Vance, 26th ID, WWII
J. Bruce Chudoba LTC(R), US Army Home Town: Colonial Heights, VA
Kevin J. Kelly, MAJ USAR
Patrick Lusk, Fairfax, VA in honor of my nephew CPT Joe F. Lusk who died in Kuwait defending our country
Patrick Lusk
John Sullivan, McLean,VA Veteran,Army in honor of my brother Col(Ret)Robert P. Sullivan (Deceased), a a soldier with 20 years of active duty including wartime service in Vietnam.
Robert L. Clover LTC (Retired), US Army Burke, Virginia 22015
LTC Donald E Morgan, USAF (ret) in honor of my father Col. John R. Morgan, USAF, WWI, WWII, Korean War and brother LTC John R. Morgan Jr. USAF,Korean War, Viet Nam War.
COL Dick Williams, USA(Ret) 23d Infantry, Korea 1950-1951
Mike Johnson, Fairfax VA (LTC US Army retired)
Col Gerald H Parshall, USAF (Ret)
David L. Burget
Cyrus N Shearer Burke, VA Retired, US Army
Nancy J. Stevens
Greg Karapetian
Julie Fraser in honor of my father, RADM John C Fraser, Jr., CEC, USN (Ret.), Vietnam War; my brothers and sister, Jack Fraser (USN), Stan Olson (USA), Pam Olson (USA); and my brother in law, Tom Comella (USAF). I thank all who serve our country so that we may all live in freedom.
Jennifer L. Glover, Los Angeles, CA, in honor of my fiance SPC Mark A. Bishop Jr., D/52, 1/25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom
Erik Eriksen, Springfield, MA USMA ’79, formerly CPT Eriksen 1/54th Infantry, 1st Armored Division 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Ed Dottery, Major, Special Forces, USAR (ret.)
Michael D Meier,Veteran USAF 1969-1978,Wake Forest NC,Dept. of Homeland Security.To all those on the front lines, from all of us here protecting the “home” lines
Colonel Kenneth M. Irish, Jr. USA Ret
Jack F. Matteson, Carmel, CA, Colonel, US Army (Ret.)
The code of Support recognizes that, while not all can serve, all are together in the effort to retain our freedoms. Douglas C. Fitzgerald USMA, 1969
William F. H. Page, Col. USAF (R), Forestdale, MA, in honor of all my classmates (USMA ’57) who gave their lives in the service of their country.
Mark F. Prehar, Saint Cloud, FL, 3ID, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Vanessa Holden, Arizona
Chris W. Markwood, Toledo, Ohio in honor of 1SG Larry Parshall, Dco, 4-32 Armor, 3AD, Desert Storm. For unwavering commitment to his soldiers and selfless sacrifice
American Legion Post #1083, Lewiston, New York, proudly endorses the Code of Support for Troops and Veterans. Michael J. Roemer Past Post Commander and Post Judge Advocate
Frederick C. Rice, Hampton NH (5SFG (A),Vietnam War), in honor of my father, MSG Frederick N. Rice, 25th Inf Div, WW II, and my son, LTC Frederick L. Rice, OMC-A, Afghanistan.
Edward C. Olivares, 075738, US Army, Air Defense Artillery (Missiles, 1957-1971 (Active and Reserve). I dedicate this support to my father Jose E. Olivares, COL US Army CAC (Ret-Dec), WWII, to my brother Jose E. Olivares Jr, 1LT US Army, Field Artillery, Korean War,(Dec) and to my son Edward C. Olivares, LTC US Army (Ret), Inf and SF, Kosovo and Dessert Storm/Comfort.
Col(R)USA,James A. Swenson,veteran of the Korean War and Vietnam War, IHO my Uncle,SSGT Ralph Swenson, KIA in the Battle of the Bulge, European Campaign, WWII and my Father, LTC(R),USA, veteran of WWII.
James A. Swenson, Col.(R),USA and Linda L. Swenson
Burton T. Miller Jr, Tucson Az, in Honor of my father, Burton T. Miller, LTC, USAF, WW11 and Korea.
George Hasapidis, Army veteran: Absolutely. I would further add that not only should they never be sent in harm’s way without the resources they need, but they should also never be sent in harm’s way for a frivolous or immoral reason.
Jack L. Karson, Sr. Palm Desert, CA. Capt. USNR-R
Valerie G. Coffey, Decatur, AL, US Army – Ordnance Corps(Explosive Ordnance Disposal), in honor of my father, CPT Raymond I. Coffey, US Army – Infantry, my brother, MAJ David S. Coffey, US Army – Special Forces, and all the other distinguished Soldiers I proudly call friends.
Louann Elledge, St. Louis, MO, in honor of all our brave men and women who are serving in our Armed Forces in the Middle East. May God bless them, each and every one.
Max M. Feibelman, Sherman Oaks, CA
Jacob Talbot Salt Lake City, Utah
Michael J. Roemer Youngstown, NY Capt., U.S. Army 3rd Engr. Bn., 24th Inf. Div.
Richard A Bresnahan MG US Army Ret Colorado Springs CO In honor of my son, Sgt. Mark Bresnahan, US Army Deceased Served in the Korean War
We, Tom and Jeanne Dames, add our enthusiastic support to this worthy project.
Aliyah J. Lamb, Lincoln, NE, in honor of my uncle Marine Anthony Lamb
Tyley M. Lamb, Lincoln, NE, in honor of my brother in law Marine Anthony Lamb
James R. Lamb, Lincoln, NE, in honor of my brother Marine Anthony Lamb
I endorse the “Code” in honor of all the men and women, past and present, who served their country in the military service. In particular those that I served with during my 32-years of Army service, esp. those who served with me in Vietnam.
COL(RET)& Mrs. Frederick E. Johnston, III
Donald J. Callahan
Col. Charles C. Cunningham, USA (Ret). Veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, in honor of my West Point roommate, 1LT Stanley P. Shankman, killed while returning from the Korean War.
Robert E. Tierney, Carmel, California. Air Force
Tom Claffey Santa Fe, NM Veteran – USAF
Patricia M. Woodward, Eugene, OR in honor of my brother, Col. William R. Rogers, Signal Corps. Korea and Vietnam. Also my brother, Corpral David W. Rogers, Infantry, Korean War.
Mary (Brick) Spain, Army veteran, in honor of my grandfather, Carl F. Huebner, WWI veteran, my uncle,Harry Teteak, WWII and Korean veteran, my husband, MG Edwin Spain,III, currently on active duty and in honor of our youngest daughter, LT Nona Spain, on active duty overseas. I ask God’s blessings on all our military members and their families! God bless America!
Chad Tragakis — In honor of my father and all who have worn the uniform to protect our freedom, our families and our way of life in the greatest country the world has ever known.
Jackson Campbell May 1Lt 083362 1958-1961 in honor of my father Major Earl Campbell May, Infantry 1932-1945
Charles W. Mitchell Albuquerque, NM Lt Col, USAF, Retired Dedicated to my Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Mitchell Pvt, Company F, 85th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Civil War
Gerald C. Mitchell, COL USA (Ret) In memory of the 25 members of the “War Bonnets” 6/14th Artillery who gave their lives during the Viet Nam War
John D. Crandall LTC, U.S. Army (RET) Hungry Horse, Montana
Jennifer F. Comella in honor of my father, RADM John C Fraser, Jr., CEC, USN (Ret.), Vietnam War; my father in law, Maj. Thomas R Comella, I, USAF (Ret.), B52 Pilot, Vietnam War; my husband, Capt. Thomas R. Comella, II, USAF (Ret.); my brother (USN), stepbrother (USA), and stepsister (USA), all of whom served our country proudly in the armed services.
Richard Jeffrey Miles, Annapolis, Maryland, A-4 pilot, 3 tours Vietnam, U.S. Navy, so veterans of the war on terror may always be remembered and honored on their return.
George Sibert, Colonel US Army (Ret). I subscribe in honor of my father COL Franklin R Sibert WW2 & Korea, my grandfather MG Franklin C Sibert WW1 & WW2, my great-grandfather MG William L Sibert Philippine Insurrection & WW1 and other family members (uncles and cousins) who served in WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.
MIDN 2/C Vincent A. Bove, USN Seneca Falls, NY
James R. Ralph Jr, BG USA Retd Woodbridge VA in honor of my father,Petty Officer James R Ralph Sr, USN USS Olympia WW-1 and four uncles who served in the USArmy WW2 and son Col James R Ralph III who serves on Active Duty today, carrying on a tradition of service to the Nation.
Gerry Galloway, Arlington, Virginia IHO of my father, father-in-law, and three children who served (and for two, who still serve)the United States Army
Henry J. Hatch, Oakton, VA, Lieutenant General, US Army, Retired, in honor of my father, three uncles, two grandfathers, and one great grandfather each of whom served more that 30 years in the Armed Forces.
Florence C. Salisbury, Oakton, VA in honor of my father, TSgt Joseph J. Conrad, Sr., MP Battalion, WWII.