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After you have read the Code of Support for our troops, we ask you to add your name as a signer of the Code, along with your dedication to a service member(s) or veteran(s) of your choosing. These can be family members past or present, friends, associates, or anyone who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces. Your dedication will be a lasting tribute to these individuals.

We ask you to fill in a few items of information, with assurances that your privacy will be respected. Your e-mail address will be for our records only and will not appear in your post or be shared with others.  PLEASE add your CITY and STATE after your name in the “Name” field (name,city,state).

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(3340) Darell
Thu, 24 April 2014 05:20:10 +0000

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(3339) Harvey
Thu, 24 April 2014 03:54:40 +0000

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Wed, 23 April 2014 21:52:57 +0000

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(3337) Andrew Kaufmann
Mon, 21 April 2014 14:49:32 +0000

To all my brothers and sisters out in harm's way - Stay Strong - Keep the Faith!

(3336) Tina, Tampa, FL
Sat, 19 April 2014 20:23:51 +0000

To Roger Vacca, Gabriel Vacca, Margaret Bernard, Mark Vacca, Charles Privett, Ralph White, Dwayne Newkirk, Jonathan Bastien, Peter D. Bastien, Peter Bastien, Greg Bastien, and all their families and all my friends that have or are serving in the military:

I promise to do the best I can to support you in your military service to defend our and others' countries, people, and freedom to live. I will be here to help you adjust as you return to civilian life. I will defend the services and benefits that contribute to your well-being and quality of life to the best of my ability.

(3335) Susan Hackley
Sat, 12 April 2014 19:13:51 +0000

I support all of our veterans. I think especially of William Earl Foster, Jr., who died in Vietnam, and my son who fought in Iraq.

(3334) Fred Vallongo Toledo, Ohio
Thu, 27 March 2014 15:50:39 +0000

All veterans and their family members

(3333) Frank Wills, Kennesaw State Univeristy, GA
Thu, 20 March 2014 15:01:29 +0000

As a Director of a Veterans Resource Center at Kennesaw State University,I sign this pledge in full faith and honor. Semper Fi and God Bless all who have and will serve, along with their family and loved ones.

(3332) Teresa
Sun, 16 March 2014 18:47:15 +0000

to my 6 classmates who have served in different capacities of the U.S. military

(3331) Kathleen Ann Miller
Thu, 13 March 2014 05:54:11 +0000

A soldier who reenlists, signs a binding contract to defend our country against alll enemies, foreign and domestic. With a flag and Commissioned Officer he repeats these words: I, (full Name) do solemnly swear swear to support and defend the Constitution og the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to obey the orders of the President of the United States, and all officers over me according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (So help me God) which may be waived. I have never voted for the President of the United States as he is the CDR and the CEO of our country. I uphold laws, driving, misdemeanors and felonies. I support my two nephews still on Active Duty in high profile positions. I went to HAZMAT school while a 1SG and support reelistment

(3330) Alejandra Juan, Baton Rouge, LA
Wed, 12 March 2014 14:01:13 +0000

Dedicated to supporting my husband Air Force SMSgt Craig Juan, my brother Navy LT Jorge Roldan and all member of the Louisiana National Guard.

(3329) Jane Stoll, Stafford, VA
Sat, 8 March 2014 00:46:41 +0000

This is my lasting tribute to every man and woman who has fought for my country. Thank you for my freedom. My husband is a Marine who served in Viet Nam.

(3328) Anthony McBride
Mon, 24 February 2014 04:56:41 +0000

I am dedicated to the support and safety of our troops at home and abroad; active duty and veteran.

As a veteran, I will aide and support the government, the troops and veterans as best I can. I will serve as a positive example for troops and veterans.

I will support and serve the government, the military and veterans with honor and trust when called to provide service and support to troops.

(3327) Carey Miklavcic Medina, Ohio
Mon, 24 February 2014 01:24:52 +0000

In memory of all who have given the ultimate sacrifice

(3326) Terri Yates Lavelle
Sun, 23 February 2014 19:38:51 +0000

Dedicated to special military members of my family;CM/Sgt L.D.Yates, Sgt Connie Yates,
Jessie Yates,Anthony Yates, Juston Yates,Jerry Yates John Lavelle,Christopher J. Lavelle,Shane P. Lavelle, Chase Gaston and all the other brave members of our services a huge heartfelt Thank You!

(3325) Shane Cooke
Wed, 19 February 2014 14:33:10 +0000

Proud to be a part of such a great organization and noble cause.

(3324) Belinda Vaughan, Sharon, SC
Wed, 29 January 2014 18:19:00 +0000

Homeless Veterans (because I care)
Vietnam Veterans (because you were wronged)
Marine Veterans (because you are BAD)
& SEALs (because you have taught me)

(3323) Christine Lai
Thu, 16 January 2014 15:31:04 +0000

Heartfelt gratitude to all those who have served, and those who continue to serve.

(3322) Makaeyla Zamora Houston, TX
Tue, 14 January 2014 04:33:52 +0000

Kaleb Roten
Randy Freiley
Justin Medina
Dustin Ropp
Cullen Stipe
Blake Wilks
Vinson Willtrout
William Fox
Chris Reese
Heather Bocci
Lee Cleveland
Trevor Kitts
Myles Crane
Sanna Shabbir
Ethan Yerks
Cory McLellan
Kayla Belcher
Eric Guthrie
Alexis Dunlap
Nick Mezzo
Alex Fishbaugh
Gage Hayes
Tajh Fletcher
Nick Montgomery
Josh Bailey
Ricky Byrd
Zackery Tookex
Bridget Windsor
Aaron Young
James Bronson
Kathryn Gordon
Kseniya Elliot
Brittany Trottier
Sean Jeffcoat
Lena Kresl
Gail Hayes
Mark Burns
Matt Williamson
Joe Darby
Kimberly White
Matthew Kaper
Haley Stebbins
Jack Osness
Anna Kokoreva
Coleman Grider
Alec Pyburn
Amber Hernandez
Jake Martel
Monica Wilks
Joe Cox
Adam Khols
Ally Anthony
Zach Liming
Eza Season
Ryan Lee
Zach Rogers

(3321) Daniel Ragsdale
Fri, 10 January 2014 23:18:16 +0000

Godspeed and blessings to all service members and their families!

(3320) Edith Vargas, Frederick, MD
Sun, 29 December 2013 06:39:55 +0000

I am forever grateful to all those who have served in the armed forces to protect each of us in this country.

Thank you for everything and may God bless you always and help you through any difficult times.

I owe you something I could never repay. For it doesnt have a price. It's beyond that. I could only just offer my deepest THANK YOU!

(3319) Terence J. Connell
Sat, 28 December 2013 18:39:57 +0000

As a retired career Army officer I continue to dedicate myself to our armed forces. This program provides an excellent support action for that purpose.

(3318) Robert B. Morrow Jr., Frederick, MD
Mon, 23 December 2013 20:54:31 +0000

Mike McElhan

(3317) Denise M., Murrieta CA
Sun, 1 December 2013 21:34:31 +0000

In Honor of my boyfriend SPC Joshua McPhail, cousins SPC Luther Catchings and SPC Michael Kechula ARMY. In Memory of ARMY SGT Cody Legg. And to all those who have served our country who either gave some or gave all.

(3316) Auston ONeill , Centreville VA
Wed, 13 November 2013 01:13:18 +0000

I sign the Code of Support for our troops for all there dedication

(3315) Bonnie ONeill
Wed, 13 November 2013 01:11:08 +0000

In honor of all our veteran's present and past I sign the code of support for our troops

(3314) Kimberly A. Young, Arlington, VA
Tue, 12 November 2013 23:26:46 +0000

I dedicate my Code of Support to my father, my brothers-in-law, my uncles, my friends and my spouse!

Kimberly A. Young
CW4 US Army Retired
Executive Director
Operation Renewed Hope Foundation
Ending Homelessness Among Veterans

(3313) Jenny Archer, Alrexandria, VA
Tue, 12 November 2013 22:43:52 +0000

In honor of Veterans Day, I sign the Code of Support.

(3312) Amber Johnson, Athens, Texas
Mon, 11 November 2013 17:30:28 +0000

Dedicated to my husband:
Douglas Johnson

Michael Hannigan

& Countless friends and family

(3311) Bob Pratt
Fri, 8 November 2013 20:34:43 +0000

I am the Veteran' Service Officer in Abington, MA. And a United States Navy Vietnam War combat Veteran. It is my calling of life to do all I can to make sure "my Veterans" and their families receive the benefits they earned while in service to their country.